Privacy Policy


1.General Policy

 Japan Institute of Navigation (hereinafter referred as ‘JIN’) collects information from the user of JIN homepage (all the contents under and addresses including ‘’ (hereinafter referred as ‘Website’)) for the smooth operation of the services such as providing information and acquiring opinions and comments through the website. The collected information must be used within the scope of the above Purpose of Utilization.

2.Range and purpose of the information

 In case of receiving various inquiries, public comments and opinions from the website, JIN may receive your address, name, age, gender, occupation, phone number, e-mail address, and etc. The e-mail address of the sender will be informed to the recipient automatically.
 The inquiries and opinions, including the ones voluntarily written, acquired by JIN will be used and/or analyzed as references of future activities. JIN will use the e-mail address, address, name, telephone number, and etc. to reply to the inquiries. Moreover, these information and opinions may be transferred to the relevant stuffs of JIN.
 You must register the e-mail address to receive JIN Mail News. The registered e-mail address will be used for distribution service of JIN Mail News.

3. Limitations on Use and Provision

 JIN uses the information only for the purpose stated on the above Section 2 and never discloses them to the third parties except for a disclosure request based on the laws and regulations, unauthorized access, illegal acts such as threats, and other specific reasons. Statistical information, which does not enable the identification of the specific individual, may be released.

4. Security Control Measures

 JIN takes necessary measures for the appropriate management of information, which includes measures to prevent the leakage, loss and damage of acquired information.

5. Scope of Application

 This private policy only applies to this website