April 1, 2022
☆ The 20th Anniversary ☆
Asia Navigation Conference 2022
- Navigation and Port Research for the Next Generation in ASIA -
Date: 5 to 6 November, 2022
Venue: National Institute of Technology, Toyama College in Toyama, Japan
Style: Zoom Meeting

The number of participants: 123 [JIN:38, KINPR:16, CIN:54, Others:15, Total:123]

ANC2022 was closed, thank you for your participation and discussions in ANC2022.

1. Date and time schedule of ANC2022
2. Program of keynote speeches
3. Program of paper sessions
   The number of papers: Total 54papers (JIN:11, KINPR:11, CIN:32)
 Proceedings of ANC2022 (with password)
 ANC2022 Awards
4. Conference Guide (Final version)
5. First Announcement and Call for Papers (Apr.6, 2022)
 ・ANC2022 Abstract Format (word file, Apr.6, 2022)  ・ANC2022 Full Paper Format (word file, Apr.6, 2022)
6. Notification of extending the deadlines for submissions of abstracts and papers
  (1)Title and Abstracts Due was extended to 17th July from 3rd July, 2022.
  (2)Full Papers Due was extended to 31st August from 25th August, 2022.
  (3)Final Full Papers Due was extended to 20th October from 14th October, 2022.

  ・Abstracts and papers should be submitted as Word file and PDF attachments
   to ANC2022 Secretariat through domestic institute of navigation, namely JIN, KINPR or CIN.
  ・The members of JIN should submit those to the Executive Secretary of JIN (kenkyu.jin@j-nav.org).
  ・Asian participants except members of JIN, KINPR and CIN can submit those directly
   to ANC2022 Secretariat (info@anc2022.com).

8. Supplementary informations
 ・ANC2022 Poster (Ver.1)  [ANC2022 Poster (Ver.2)]
Link to Toyama Sightseeing Navigation
  Toyama Introduction Video

Welcome Message
 On behalf of ANC2022 Executive Committee, it is our pleasure to welcome you all with our whole heart
to Asia Navigation Conference 2022 (ANC2022), which will be held by remote meeting on November 5-6, 2022.
ANC is designated as the annual international conference to provide opportunities for communication and cooperation
for sharing the experience and knowledge on Navigation and Port Research and putting forward the research field
on Marine Science and Technology among Japan Institute of Navigation, Korean Institute of Navigation and Port Research
and China Institute of navigation.
 ANC2022 aim at navigation and port research for the next generation in Asia such as autonomous navigation,
and we are looking forward to meeting many researchers in online ANC2022.
               Masashi KAWAI, Ph.D.
               Chair, Asia Navigation Conference 2022 Executive Committee
Conference Secretariat
☆Asia Navigation Conference 2022 Executive Committee
    Chair: Masashi KAWAI, Ph.D. (National Institute of Technology, Toyama College)
 Secretary-general: Dr. Masaya YUKIHIRA (Kyushu Sangyo University)

E-mail: info@anc2022.com